Taking time for ourselves

Enjoying a moment of peace when your life is being turned upside down. From a job that takes most of your time and mind, to children that are always so busy you feel like you are their personal chauffeur. We need time to breathe.

Not easy to find some personal time, but you can at least manage five minutes to just close your eyes and breathe deeply. This will help you to center yourself.

Often, we are forgetting to take care of ourselves, feeling at the end of the day burn. Not able to recover from a busy day. Starting to apply ME first, you can start to add more time from five minutes every single day. Increasing 5 minutes per day able you, in no time, to have an hour for yourself each day.

This time is not for your family it is for you to do something from a luncheon with a friend to a massage at the spa. You can have a walk or run to help you release the stress of the day.

We can function for only so long when pushing our adrenals to go on override, but we are going to hit the wall. Finding that balance that will help us to cope with everything coming our way is challenging.

Why not start a new ME by making time for yourselves? This is the key to be successful in our own lives. Learning to center ourselves, becoming the better part of us is by learning to become whole again.

Start to spend five minutes each day and see how it goes. Do not skip one day until it is becoming part of your routine just continue to do it. If you need to schedule it as an appointment on your schedule do that. You will be thankful when you are doing this on a daily basis.