Our beautiful spirit

Not easy to live our life through our spirit. An authentic life is a life filled with adventure that is for our highest good. It is a life of infinite possibilities, it is learning to open our hearts and let our spirit be.

Not being afraid to show our true colors, welcoming the grace of the universe upon us. Believing in ourselves, not being afraid to fall down and learning to get up. Not being worried of what people would think.

Embracing where we are, understanding we are all connected. Nothing will be the same when you walk on your own path. There is no competition against anyone, we are becoming the better part of us when we are letting our ego sleep.

Being inspired by the universe, learning we can co-create our next experience. Believing in unconditional love, not being afraid to show our true colors. When you learn to be comfortable with yourself you are finally learning to be centered.

When you go on the quest of your life, you are learning who you are. People in the ego world will be wearing a mask that is not their essence. It might be fun to pretend to be someone we are not. But when your spirit is so beautiful, it is shameful to hide it.

Why not let go of those illusional masks and finally embrace who we truly are? We cannot experience something new if we are still pretending! Not wearing a mask is such a great relief, becoming the better part of us brings us the peace we need in our lives.

Nothing is more precious than living a true life. We need to let go of the past and what has hurt us. Freeing ourselves helps us to elevate our energies. We are not robots; we are humans experiencing our lives.