Learning to let it go

Letting all the bad and negative experiences will now free us from carrying unnecessary energies. It also gives us back the power we lost.  As long as we are holding resentment and grudges against someone, we are giving them our power.

Holding on to negativity and hatred cripples us from moving forward, reminding us of the pain and open wounds we have not yet let heal. When you are in the process of healing, it is when you are learning to cut the cords. Healing our wounds and finally bringing peace into our lives.

It also releases the anchors that are keeping us tied to the ground. We can finally move forward to a better life. We do not need to be the best of friends, but we can at least put the story to rest. Not feeling we have to relive it again and again.

Turning a chapter in our lives is a good thing. You cannot save people, but you can plant the seeds that maybe one day, they will on their own, face their own demons and conquer them. Walking away is necessary for everyone to move on.

You do not have to feel you have abandoned them. Instead you have learned it is time to move on.  Wishing them to find their own path and let it go. Flying away to a new experience, opening the doors to infinite possibilities.

The universe will take care of them in due time, while you are back on your path. Never live with any regrets or guilt. You cannot face their obstacles, you have enough in your own path to deal with. Just send unconditional love and walk away.

Down the road, you might encounter them again, just smile and move on.  You have done what you are meant to be doing, it is time to live your own life and be happy. When one story ends a new one is around the corner.