Becoming the better part of us

Becoming a trailblazer is to be open to go on your quest. Discovering the better part of you but also willing to go to uncharted territory. Often, we associate people like that with the ones who have succeeded.

But people who are trailblazers need to be known to the world. We are the ones who are about to go on the quest to search who we truly are. We are all trailblazers if you think about it. When we are on the quest to discover our spirit, we are actually going into the unknown. We are changing and shifting our lives for the better.

We are starting to inspire others to do the same. We do not have to become famous to accomplished this. Instead, by changing our lives we are teaching people around us that everything is possible.

Our biggest quest is discovering who we truly are. How often have you been inspired by someone who was centered, happy? Feeling the love, they have, that unconditional love. Always being positive not taking live too seriously but instead adding some wisdom and a sprinkle of humor?

When we stop taking ourselves too seriously, refusing to be swallowed by the ego world, learning to turn off our social media and not listening to the news, we have a chance to be grounded and learn to be present in our lives. Instead of engaging in lower energies, being angry at a situation we have no control over, release those emotions and engage your spirit.

When you go on the quest that is your life, you are learning what you like or don’t like. You are learning you can create the experiences you want by not letting the ego world dictate your every move.

Enjoy who you are by let go of everything that is not for your highest good. Become the better part of you by embracing your spirit.