My freedom my path

We are all gifted, from a young age we are capable of creating miracles. Our outer conditions can teach us a lot but what is inside of us can supersede that. We do not need to become our outer condition.

We might have been born in a poor environment; this should not define who we truly are. We can decide to become the observer in our own life but when you decide to listen to your spirit and go on your quest to go home you are changing the course of your life.

We do not have to subject yourselves to the caprice of the world. We can create our own true life. Not listening to the outer condition helped me to go to my ultimate destination. It was not that easy but the pain and sorrow I went through to get there was unimaginable.

I learned to rise from my ashes, I learned to continue to believe in myself. Pushing to what was possible. Never giving up on my dreams, facing the harsh lessons in my journey, I came out as whole and peaceful.

I have never felt as much happiness in my entire life as I do now. Nothing would have predicted where I would be. I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I found the freedom and joy I was seeking.

I am now in state of equilibrium, I do not need to seek it outside. I have found it within me, like millions of people before me and after me will. We do not need to stay in the ego world, instead by walking on our quest we are learning who we truly are. We are not worried of tomorrow but enjoying being present in our lives.

When you are stepping into the unknown, you are actually freeing yourselves and becoming the better part of you. Willing to do whatever it takes to push through the changes that will lead you to a better life.