You and I our story

“You and I” is the story of a lifetime, spending my own life to walk on my path. Hiding from the world so no one could see us. Discovering who we truly are, accepting les aleas de la vie. Facing my storms head on.

Knowing you are always by my side. Not worrying about tomorrow but engaging in the most beautiful and sacred dance. Not believing in you, losing faith as a teenager, refusing to accept who you are. Living my life blinded by my ego, until I heard the calling of my spirit.

Letting me know what I have been doing was to guide me to my holy ground. Learning on my own how to continue to move on in the middle of darkness. I just needed a little hope, it came in the form of a blessing.

Always sending me messages to get me going. Helping me to stand up again on my own two feet when I was down. Knowing the world would be a better place if I was dreaming a little harder. If I was pushing myself beyond my limits.

I have learned to lean on you, blindly following you. Knowing I would always be safe no matter how bad my outer conditions were. Your soft voice helped me to cope when I was healing. Having faith for a better tomorrow. Learning to change my mantra, refusing to give up when everyone did.

I have overcome so much but you always have been by my side. I am so thankful for your support. Without you, I would not be where I am today. I have seen too much to go back, I have finally let my wild imagination be. I am unstoppable, looking at what would be my next move on the chessboard that is my life.

Feeling the alchemist in me, I look at my life as a wild ride.