I salute you!

I salute everyone’s spirit, in the journey we are embarking of a lifetime. This is an amazing journey, full of adventures. From the ups and downs in our lives we are creating our own legacy. We can continue to grow and become the better part of us.

Or we can close our heart to the world and become numb by living our lives through our ego. Seeking the wrong people and the wrong places because of what we have inside of us. Putting on a face of happiness and exuberance but inside feeling the emptiness in our heart and no occasion of joy for anyone or anything, walking like zombies. Losing faith in humanity by becoming self-centered.

Somehow the universe will watch out for us, always on the quest to help us navigate the raging river that is our lives. We can find some peace between our storms but when you have faced all of them you are coming to the realization there is more to our life then sadness and fear and we should embrace our spirit to show us the light, the love, the caring we should have for humanity. This can all be accomplished by opening our heart. Letting the flow of unconditional love from the universe pouring into our lives. Not knowing what just hit us but feeling the peace and the wholeness of our spirit.

It is a journey of joy and pain, rising from our ashes to become the better part of us. We can change our journey, even if this sounds unrealistic at this moment in time. We can truly do that; I came from an improbable situation where my outer conditions were so bad. No one would have bet on that one to see a happy ending.

What made the difference is my spirit that drove me my entire life. Believing in tomorrow and happy endings. Not being afraid of anything but continue to dream while my outer condition was bleak at best.  

I would not have made it without it, your imagination is the most powerful tool you have. So, use it today, continue to dream even if you do not see anything moving yet. It will, in due time, it will move because the universe always listen. It might take a year, maybe two or three decades but the doors will open for the ones that continue to believe.