A world of wonders

We are not only unique, but we are all precious. Our gifts are our assets to navigate this world, to navigate our lives. We can use it for our highest good or not! We all have our own free will, it is up to us to see what we can do with it.

I have chosen a life of happiness but in order to do that, I had to move myself out of where I was to become the better part of me. I have not let anyone rain on my parade, and I had may unscrupulous people pounding at my door who were more than willing to try to do that! They never succeeded because I wasn’t willing to give them my power.

When you are letting your spirit guide you along your path, you keep your eyes on your dreams no matter how improbable you think they might be. I have seen miracles in my life unfolding in front of me that were even better then the dreams I had. When you learn to co-create with the universe you let the best outcome enter your life.

We all have dreams, but the universe knows best because of its birds’ eyes view of our lives. I have kept going into the darkness not knowing where I was going. But my belief in my own self helped me along the way to push forward.

Our lives can be what we are chosen to become. But we can always modify the course of it when we realize we have matured. Often when we are on the quest to realize our dreams, we can be taken to a new path that will actually open the doors to infinite possibilities.

You have to be willing to go with the flow while keeping an open mind. Let your spirit guide you to a world of wonders and magic.