Discovering our magic

I have discovered the better part of me. It was always within me, but my outer conditions did not give me much time to explore it. Instead I had to wear my warrior armor to push the storms away.

I had to conquer battle after battle, not giving me time to rest. I have sought the help of the universe to overcome my obstacles. I have created a world of beauty in my mind to get me going and inspired.

I have pushed myself beyond my limits over and over. The rage in me got me going, even though I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel I kept pushing forward. Not knowing what tomorrow would be.

I am not done in my journey; I am still hoping for another happy ending. I have set my mind to obliterate anything that is not positive in my life. I will not give up on my dreams, I will continue to go on my quest knowing that I am free and can continue to elevate my energies.

I will not fall for a con or a shiny object that is not for my highest good. I will walk away from people that do not have my best at heart. I will let go of what I do not need and open the space to receive.

I will not give up on my life purpose, but let my spirit guide me in my journey. Having faith everything will work out. I will not worry about tomorrow, but I will open my mind to create a world of peace.

I will let the universe work its magic; I will lean on my warrior to guide me. I will let the illusional world alone and start continuing on my quest. Nothing will ever be the same when you realized you are your own alchemist