Living our lives to the fullest part4

Taking the time to connect with the universe on the daily basis helps us so much. We can see the world in a more positive way. We can anticipate our needs; we do not need to seek something that is not within us.

Instead we are learning to reach inside of us. Our focus is our life mission not the popularity contests the illusional world has to offer. We are not addicted to the latest trend; we are actually trend setters. We do not need to justify our every single move.

Having to enjoy our lives to the fullest requires us to becoming honest and authentic. When you are starting to understand that life is easier when we are not wearing a mask. You are starting to discover who you truly are.

The world you are living in might not like it at first but the people who really appreciate you will always stay by your side. Building your circle of light will be happening, you do not need to force anything just let the universe guide you in your journey.

I have had so many people cross my path but only a few hands full have stayed by my side. I never had the need to have a court surrounding me. Instead I love the quietness of a few people. When you are in synch with everyone around you, life gets easier.

We all have to face our storms, but we can learn to navigate the river that is our lives when we are listening to our spirit. Our compass is our spirit, that will always bring us to safety. We have to master our lives by letting our ego sleep.

When we can do that, we are opening the doors to infinite possibilities. It is our own free will to live a life of excellence, we can archive it by becoming the better part of us.