Being part of the world

Living a better world for us, starts with our own spirit. Going on the quest to discover who we truly are. Not becoming defined by the outer conditions, we are exposed to but instead reaching deep inside of us. Not letting anyone rain on our parade.

It is hard when you are exposed to everyone these days. Not being able to retreat to a place of peace. When you are constantly looking at social media like an addict, you have to learn to step back and pace yourselves.

We are living in an age where people think their phones are an extension of their arm. When in fact it is not! We need to take the time to go back to basics. As much fun as it is to go to the illusional world of social media, to keep our sanity we need to step back into the world we are living in.

Connecting with others via social media is nice but it is not your real life. If you cannot take care of your own garden how are you going to create your next experience? How are you going to live a life of dreams if it doesn’t materialize?

Often, we see kids addicted to video games, not Interested in a minute about the world that surrounds them. This addiction is not healthy, we need to find a balance. Going back to basics helps us to stay grounded.

We can do so much more when we are involved in our lives. Becoming who are meant to be, opening our minds to the lives we want to experience next. Co-creating with the universe, never be afraid to show our true colors.

The world needs us if we want to keep if for the next generation. We cannot let our world be destroy otherwise we can say goodbye to tomorrow. Start to involve yourselves in conservation for a better world.