Opening to kindness

Given the powerful mind we all have, why should we waste our time on pettiness? Why should we lower our energies to the ego world? Nothing is that important that you have to sacrifice your spirit and your boundaries.

Trading your kindness and gifts for someone that is not worthy. Instead become your own success by walking away to your life purpose. Nothing can dictate what you should be doing, enjoy the life you want to create.

Let your spirit guide you along the way. Do not be afraid of what others might think. Instead become your own trailblazer. My life has not been a fairy tale, it has been a roller coaster, but my laughter and candid spirit never dimmed the light.

Instead I have learned to use my wisdom to deflect the storms and conflicts I have faced. I have learned at a young age to walk away from situations that where not worth fighting for. I have stood my ground to right a wrong.

I have taken hatred head on, knowing a better tomorrow will come. I have not deterred myself from who I truly am for anyone else. I have never sold my spirit for fifteen minutes of fame but instead focused on what makes me truly happy.

I have never been driven to become miss popularity, instead I have lived my life the way I wanted. It might have taken decades to reach my holy ground but that journey opened my heart and let the universe become part of who I am.

I let the crazy ego world alone, I’d rather walk on my path quietly enjoying a moment of reflection. I have no need to be part of the rat race neither becoming part of a world that doesn’t match my vibration.

I am peace and kindness