We are unique

Being unique doesn’t requires us to make a fool of ourselves. What is unique about us is our spirit, why not open our heart and let it be free?

We do not need to parade along the road to show who we truly are. We do not need to be aggressive or arrogant to make ourselves visible. We do not need to torture or humiliate people or animals to make ourselves look bigger or stronger or the most powerful.

We do not have to become part of the illusional world to show what we are made of. What makes us unique is what we are facing in our lives. The storms we have to overcome from being born poor to losing our loved ones.

Nothing will ever shape you the way you are unless you have faced all of your storms. You do not have to prey on others by taking their money or love just because you want to feel superior. Nothing will ever last when you are acting out of selfishness or hedonism.

Trying to con someone who is kind will not work because Karma will always catch up with you. Thinking kindness is a sign of weakness then you are greatly mistaken. We can be kind but will always defend and protect our loved one at any cost.

You never know a person until you have seen what they are capable of doing.  Even the kindness person has a dark side. Here is a word of advice, never wake up that side because you are not going to realize the wrath they can generate when they discover they have been deceived by someone they believed in and cared about.

Do not push people beyond the breaking point because you think you can bully them. Our journey is a journey of self-discovery! We have a full plate to start with so why try to add more when we can live a life of peace?