Becoming Love

Many times, I felt I never belonged and would never find my home. I have faced too many storms to remember when it all started. I have never felt the chosen one but instead the invisible one.

I never felt I would stop to face storm after storm. I got so tired trying to continue pushing forward but the warrior in me persisted to continue on my quest. I have never felt I should have been able to finally reach my “havre de paix”. Nothing predicated me to become who I have become.

Putting a smile on my face every single day, continuing to believe when my outer condition was darkness. Pushing forward in pitch dark without any bearings, feeling abandoned to the elements of madness.

Going crazy on the brink of the precipice, not knowing that stepping into what looked like emptiness was, in fact, supported by the universe. Life has been unpredictable. When a moment of peace would rise it was followed by a time of chaos, as the day and night started to merge together everything started to look the same.

Only when I was in meditation and centering myself did I feel whole and the world would make sense. I have faced too many storms to count them, but I am glad those days are over.

I am walking on solid ground not being afraid of tomorrow but instead taking one day at a time. Not feeling worried but instead calming everyone around me. Feeling the energy of love and peace in my voice and demeanor.

Having found my happiness, I have created a world of peace, a world of love. Nothing would have predicted this would ever happened, but I am now in a place of serenity. It comes with years of storms and an open heart. Learning to let it go and be free.