Opening ourselves to a better world

I have dreamed about a life of joy and peace. I had no idea how much the universe would kindly send back to me what I had planted. In my journey nothing has been given to me.

I had to go and get everything myself, but one thing I have learned is unconditional love. Learning to give without expecting anything in return.  Becoming someone who is not naïve but kind. If I had to defend my family, I would do whatever it takes to protect them.

But what guides my life is this deep unconditional love. That pure gold energy the universe sends us. This healing energy is the purest form of energy. Learning though pain and sorrow we can learn to heal by becoming love.

It is easy to write about it, but when you are faced with the harsh reality of this world you might want to use your ego and angers to respond. I am not a saint and I do once in a while lose my patience in certain situations. But somehow, in the middle of it, I can find my peace and break into laughter.

Often, I would get mad but then I learned to let it go when my spirit started taking over. Letting my ego sleep. It is exhausting if you are just learning to allow your spirit in the driver’s seat, especially if you have lived your life through your ego.

But with patience you can learn to let your ego sleep. Once in a while it will wake up but when you are telling your ego it is safe then it will go back to sleep.  You can face challenges in your lives that want you to give up on humanity. But the universe will always send us a reminder to let us know humanity is always around us.

Learn to becoming the better part of you today. When you chose t