Evening upon us

As the evening is taking over slowly, a long day has gone by. I am happy to finally take the time to be present with my loved ones. It has been an interesting day open to new possibilities. Not feeling lost but guided by the universe.

My heart is lighter and my smile on my face has just begin. Feeling the end of summer, I can hear the wind in the trees. It is a wonderful time to feel the peace of the world I have created. Nothing can disturb us; we have turned all of our electronics off.

Learning to step away from our phones has helped us to reconnect. Being more present in our lives. Not feeling that if we are not checking social media, we are missing out on the world. We are becoming too dependent of this form of communication. Losing our ways to use our basic social skills.

When you are in the jungle of the illusional world we are forgetting to center ourselves. Ignoring how to become whole again. It is always a blessing to finally cut ourselves off from the chaos of the world for a moment, so we can enjoy each other’s presence.

Regardless of how crazy it a day can be is nice to slowdown. Not thinking of tomorrow or the check list you have waiting on your desk. Becoming present means so much more than connect with our love ones it also reminds us to look around us. Taking the time to notice what surrounds us.

Feeling the love in our heart, letting our imagination guide our conversation. Making plans for fun activities. By becoming the adventurous person, we are, letting our spirit shine. Not being pushed around by a schedule but instead taking “les Chemins de traverses”. Not worrying about anything but just learning to go with the flow. One moment at a time.