Changing the way we are

Changing the way, we think can help us navigate in this world. With age comes wisdom or so they say… It is never too late to learn to co-create with the universe. I have seen too many times people who would put limitations on what they are truly capable of doing.

We do not have to follow the illusional world of the ego. Becoming our own spirit opens the doors to infinite possibilities. We have so much magic inside of us.  If for a moment everyone would take the time to let their spirit be, the world would be a better place, the need to compete against each other would vanish.

We would be able to live in peace. Not feeling the need to run after every single shiny object. Instead we would be focused on our life purpose. Being aware of our surroundings and projecting positivity into the world.

How wonderful would it be for a moment if we could all pause and listen to the world?  Listen to nature, being connected with each other. We would have no need to use words but only vibration.

Our energy level would skyrocket, we are all wise. We just need to stop being distracted by the ego world. Living our lives to the fullest should be our mission. Discovering our spirit should be our quest. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring but becoming the better part of us.

I have seen too much destruction in this world. I just wanted to pack up my stuff and move on the other end of the galaxy. Our hope for a better future happens one step at a time. We are not in a rat race anymore.

We need to be aware of our actions and change what we do not like in our lives.