Breaking free

Settling down is something we are all wishing for; finding the right mate, the right job, the right life. But in some cases, we have to go on a long road to archive that.  It might take a lifetime to reach it. In the middle of the chaos we can lose ourselves not knowing what tomorrow will be.

The one thing that will guide us along is our spirit. This beautiful spirit that will inspire us, giving the jolt we need when we are tired of fighting. We might feel used and abuse along our path but when you know your happy ending is near it is worth the pain and tears. Our journey is a journey of hope and beliefs. It is a journey to come back home whole knowing we have done good in this world.

Learning to make amends of the wrongs we have done. Learning to open our hearts to let our spirit free. Not worrying about what people think about us but instead learn to connect with the universe.

Awakening the alchemist, transmuting the energies to positive and materialize new experiences. Nothing is more powerful than living a true life. Becoming the most authentic and down to earth person.

While continuing to learn about your gifts by going on the quest to discover who you truly are nothing is more inspiring than going on the journey of a thousand lives. As you grow and mature you are feeling the different sides of you. Becoming the 2.0 version of yourself.

Not letting anyone dragging you down but instead breaking free of all the anchors that have been around your ankles. When you finally have that feeling of freedom you do not want to go back to the illusional world of the ego. Instead you are going to continue on your own path, becoming the trailblazer you are meant to be.