What would it be today?

Being in love is something we should all be. But when life is taking unexpected turns by facing storms and betrayals, we are more inclined to close our hearts. Refusing to welcome and send love into the world.

We need to learn to heal our wounds but also let go of the past. As much as people can hurt us, we cannot control what others are doing. life lessons are not always easy to face but when you are willing to accept them you can move on. Learning to look at the signs instead of going blindfold on.

Some people will spend a lifetime to repeat the same mistake over and over. With different people and situations, the lesson unlearned will keep coming. This is when you have your “haha” moment you can finally see the signs and refuse to step into the dance again.

That moment is when you tell the universe “not again, I am done with that lesson; I want to experience my happy ending”. Not feeling sorry for yourselves but instead ready to embrace something new.

Doing what I call “a spring cleaning” making sure my own garden is clear of any weeds so the seeds I planted can grow and blossom as it should be. We need to attend to our own needs but also learn to let our spirit speak to us.

It is always easier to go back on the ego ride when we are faced with our life lessons. Ignoring the signs, feeling the world owes us. We are entitled to everything and anything or we can become the loudest drama queen or king by amplifying our distress. Creating a world of chaos instead of love.

We always have a choice on how we react to our outer condition. When we are facing the storms in our lives it is a reminder, we need to learn our life lessons. Nothing will ever be the same if it comes from our spirit.

What would it be today, the ego or our spirit in the driver’s seat?