Growing in our journey

Finding ourselves, finding our spirit is a long road we need to follow.  Nothing will ever open if we are not going on the quest of our lives. It doesn’t matter what our parent’s expectation are, our spirit will always guide us in the right direction. As kids we might feel oppressed by the world and the expectations we must meet.

It can be difficult when we are fighting the world and want our spirit to lead the way. Adding our ego that is trying to push the boundaries and you have now a cocktail ready to implode.

Depression can add more stress on us, going through the process of puberty. Thinking we know the world when in fact we are barely understanding ourselves. Not being prepared for what comes our way.

Growing up is a fight on its own. Do we listen to our ego or our spirit? We do not realize how much more there is to learn. Having lived a few more decades you are starting to look back and realizing how much you did not know.  

As young kids and teens we are pretty much caught in the light being blindsided completely. Not truly knowing what to do, not seeing yet the full implications when making a decision. We are living in a bubble that will burst in our face if we are not careful.

Moving in our journey we can experience so much even if we feel like things are out of control. Our learning process is coming through those experiences. Our strengths and inspiration come from our spirit. We need to learn to believe in ourselves without it we are not going to move forward. Regardless of what our outer conditions are.

We can overcome our past, our path by learning to have hope, creating our dreams and letting the universe into our lives.