Not wearing any mask

We are all good pretenders, inventing a life of actions or starlight. But at the end of the day when we are removing the mask, we are wearing we do feel the sadness of our spirit. Living a life of deceit can lead some of us to become a con with a numbed heart.

Wanting the power, fame and money to appease our ego. Feeling alone at the end of the day surrounded by riches that don’t make us happy. But come morning, putting back on the masks to continue the charade.

What a waste of time for our spirit, not being on our path to our life purpose but instead wasting those gifts for something that is not for our highest good. Nothing will ever come out as wonderful or positive.

Always feeling people will get to you sooner or later. But karma will sooner rather than later come and collect. The fall from grace will come upon the ones who have abused their powers, or the trust others have in us.

To spiral down the rabbit hole of shame and loneliness. The universe will always catch up with the ones that have used and abused. We are here to create a world of magic while discovering our life purpose.

What would you do today? Are you going to wear the mask or are you going to become your spirit? Learning to live an authentic life, going on the quest to uncover who you truly are.

Making a difference in this world, learning to co-create with the universe. Never being afraid to speak your mind in a non-argumentative way, by always checking your ego. Living your life without your ego is rewarding.

Nothing will ever be the same when you are finally free of the ego world. not being afraid anymore of who you truly are but enjoying every moment.