The ride of my life

I have been turned upside down too many times in my life. Not knowing where the stop button was. Feeling the ride of hell would never stop. But when you are starting from an improbable situation, facing the storms and walls that would have discouraged many to continue on my journey.

You are learning to become resourceful, learning to improvise along the way to get there. Thinking outside of the box, not taking no for an answer. Being laughed at, thinking you are crazy. Instead using the rage inside of me to push forward.

Keeping my mouth shut and learning to exit quietly. Not making a big noise but instead focusing on my heart’s desire. Being frustrated at times with the universe when things where not going accordingly to my own plans. Realizing afterwards it was not as good as I thought it was.

Instead learning to explore all my skill sets, not being afraid to learn something new. Having the capabilities to use my mind to learn quickly while pushing forward on my path.

Looking back, for a moment, I could see where my stubbornness paid off and where I hit the wall pretty hard. Feeling the anger against the universe for not allowing me a moment of peace.

At the end it all worked out, I am more than happy to have done all of that so now I can finally focus on my life purpose. We can come from nowhere with all the odds against us, but it doesn’t mean you have to stay where you are.

You can learn to overcome your challenges regardless of your outer conditions or what people are telling you. Nothing can ever define who you are except you.

What a pleasure for me now to look at nature, birds, flowers, clouds and feel so much happiness, but the joy I feel, which can only come from within, is just overwhelming and fills me with contentment.

I always refused to settle for something less than what my spirit was telling me.