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Becoming the better part of me

Letting myself floating on to the river, I can see the stars. I am whole, I have finally settled in the life that was meant to be mine. I have finally stopped to be the half-light of me. I am rising above the negativity to a place of Nirvana.

Feeling the love of the universe upon me. I am not in the darkness anymore. Instead I can rip off the past. I am not alone anymore; I shake it all off by becoming the better part of me.

I am living the experience I started to create four decades ago. It is a rewarding moment when you are finally walking on your holy ground. No one can prepare you to that moment when you are finally walking on firm ground.

When you can see perfect synchronicity working for your highest good. When everything feels right. When inhalation is at its highest, you are humbled by the experience. understanding what it takes to become the alchemist.

Letting all your inhibition go, becoming your spirit and let your true colors shine. Rising like the phoenix. It is a moment of pure communion, something that cannot be explained. There are no words to translate what you are feeling.

Accepting our life purpose and embracing who we truly are. Not wearing any masks but just be ourselves. This is one of the moments when you are there. Ready to finally live your life.

Having no regrets by making peace with the past. All we do is being present in the moment. Enjoying what we have and be appreciative of the people we truly love. Becoming the best part of us is to finally ground ourselves and learning to go with the flow of the universe. Always ready for new adventures by creating our own experience.