Are we ready

What can help us to move on into the next leg in our journey? Doing a full inventory of our live. Often, we do not realize if we do not look closely at what we should keep and what we should discard in our lives we might carry more then we need.

From toxic relationships to a dead-end job, we cannot move on to better ground if we are continuing doing the same things.

Going on our quest requires us to be honest with ourselves. Taking a good look at where we are and what our heart truly desires. In most cases we are off the path we should be walking on. Ignoring the signs, the universe is sending us to change the course of our path.

Should we continue to live a life that is not ours? Or should we claim what is rightfully ours? If you choose to stay where you are because you feel it is safer than do not carry resentment later on when you come to the conclusion it wasn’t the right choice.

Instead, learn to be accountable for your decisions and be honest with yourself. Am I doing the right thing? Is it for my highest good or is it my ego talking?

Can I really go on that quest or am I too afraid to move forward toward the unknown? Am I truly ready to go there? Maybe we feel we are not but even if we feel like it is too early, or we are not prepared, the universe will help us along the way.

It is again how we mature and grow; we are students of life so we can start messy and go with the flow. Learning to swim along the way we do not have to be perfect but just get the first step and continue to move forward.