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Facing the last storms

At times we can feel we are ready to give up on our dreams. But when you are in that hopeless mode, gather the courage and strength within you to face your deepest fears, your past or situations you have been avoiding. We are never completely ready to face changes in our lives.

But when you are creating a new experience, you will need a fresh start by engaging the universe to make you face up to what has not been resolved for you in the past. It may be daunting or frightening but at the end of the day after the storms are gone you are going to feel renewed.

Too often during the last leg of our transformation we are being pushed beyond what we are able and capable of handling. You just have to keep on pushing, even though you might not see the end of the tunnel yet.

The light is there, the end is near, you just have to push one more time. Giving your all, then the storms will disappear leaving you with only peace and quiet. Seeing tomorrow as a new beginning. Not being worried about yesterday but instead having a sense of wholeness you have never felt before.

It is at this time you finally realize you have made it; you are now on solid ground. With the universe having your back all along. Feeling alone on our journey is a normal state of mind but we have to roll up our sleeves and get going.

We can finally start our new experience, having a deeper understanding of the world and how connected we are with it. We are truly here to experience what is our highest good. Not believing we need to be in competition from the ego world.

Nothing will ever compare to that feeling of freedom when you are looking at the path you have just created for yourself.  Becoming the best part of you.