Creating our own experience

Feeling safe in our lives can be challenging when surrounded by a world of chaos. We might be caught up in a dream to escape the world we are in. Co-creating with the universe helps us to elevate ourselves. Starting to learn to become the magician that is inside of us. Waking up the magical side of us that most of us are not letting out.

We can live in the world of the ego waiting to see what new trends we should follow. Or we can decide to break the mold and become our spirit. Learning who we truly are, not worrying about tomorrow, but instead focusing on creating the next experience we certainly want to materialize.

Often, we spend our time daydreaming, but never would we allow ourselves to actually reach for the stars. Why, if for a moment we decide to walk sure les Chemins de traverses to finally do it?

How many people do you know who are currently living their dream life? How often have you wished to be them? Instead of doing that why not start to co-create with the universe? It might sound crazy but actually it is not. We are all capable of co-creating.

Why not start at the beginning with a simple vision board? Making an inventory of what we would like to do, then choosing a couple of those items and make it happen! Nothing except your ego will stop you from getting there.

We have the most powerful tool and that is our imagination with our free will that believes we can archive the most improbable dream. Why not step into the unknown and start to shape our lives the way we always wanted?

Nothing will be more rewarding then when you listen to your spirit that will guide you on the right path. Success will always come to you when you are co-creating with the universe.