Blurry as it can be

Life can be blurry at times, especially when uncertainty is coming on our path, we might be worried about the directions we are taking. It might look like we have taken the wrong turn, thinking we have wasted precious time.

There is always a lesson learned from what we are experiencing. Even in the harshest conditions we have to dig ourselves out. We can keep faith for a better tomorrow or spiral down the rabbit hole of negativity.

It is our duty to get out of it. It is not pleasant to have mud knee high, while facing the storms of our lives, but if we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel we must continue to push forward, asking the universe to guide us along the way.

Not easy to be without any bearings, feeling like we are slipping away down the wrong path. When we are in the quest of our life, we need to trust the process. It is not an easy journey but when you have the will to push beyond your limits you are going to discover it was all worth it at the end.

My determination brought me to my holy ground. If you have read my bio or listened to my podcast, I have shared some of my life stories. Nothing was pretty and rosy, but my warrior spirit never gave up. Instead I was determined to compel my intentions to reach my happy ending. Using my rage to fuel the strength I needed to walk through those storms.

I am ever grateful for the support and love I received from the universe along the way. Meeting my inner circle, allowing the fire in me to push beyond my limits to the point of no return. I have not given up on my dreams. The universe rewards the ones who keep going, even through the most horrendous conditions. They are destined to reach their holy ground.