Living with our spirit

Facing our challenges in a world that can be cold and harsh is not an easy path. But with the help of our own imagination we can start to shift the course of our lives. We do not have to become our outer condition.

We do not have to become invisible to the world. Starting to understand our journey we can live a happier life. It is not about the ego world or how much I can show the world I have. Instead it is a journey of self-discovery. Nothing will ever be the same when you understand we do not need to be someone we are not.

Showing our true self is the most empowering moment you will ever have in your life. Walking on our own path, discovering what our life purpose is. Nothing can ever describe the feeling of freedom you get from becoming your true spirit.

The ego world can run on its own timing and pace. But we do not have to be part of it. Happy people live their lives based on their spirit not ego. We do not have the need to hurt an animal or human and then post that online to feel we have been validated. We do not have the need to be nasty to anyone.

Instead we are living our lives in peace. We do not need to crush someone at work to get promoted. We only do what we love to do, our job is not our everything. Our spirit is our own identity. We do not need to be on the cover of a magazine to see ourselves as beautiful. We are respecting the order of the universe.

We have learned to co-create with the universe to reach our holy ground. We have been through hell back and forth to get to a place of love and peace. We are wearing the scars of pain, sorrow and betrayals but we are the light, we are grounded.