Not losing ourselves

I am not on the outside of my life; I am in it. I do not need to be angry at the world.  Neither do I feel I am missing something in my life. Instead, I have accomplished what I was meant to be doing.

I do not feel I have to be angry at the world. But instead watching the ego world running crazier as the day goes by. Not wanting be part of a madness that is unnecessary for the highest good of everyone.

I’d rather be meditating and sending positive vibes into the world. If people, for once, could mind their own business the world would not be so chaotic, we could have a sense of belonging. Not feeling like everyone is ready to jump into someone else’s wagon, ready to turn their life upside down.

We all have free will but when madness is stepping in, we should all take a step back, take a deep breath, instead of going ahead.

Why not do an experiment?  For one week mind your own business. Keep yourself out of other people’s business. You will accomplish so much more for yourself. Discovering you have more time than you thought.

Discovering you can finally get the project you wanted but also find time for your own family. Reconnecting with everyone and foremost being grounded, not stressed by others.

It would be of a great service if everyone could do that. You will not have issues at work at all if everyone would focus on their own lives! When you step back and realized how much time you are spending trying to resolve someone else’s problem, stop!  You can actually do more for yourself if you concentrate on your own business.

So why don’t we turn off all electronic gadgets and focus on our loved ones? We can spend some great time outside with our family and learn to really enjoy life.