Living our dreams

Finding my paradise, the peace of mind we are all searching for. That energy that bathed us into an elated state of mind. Nothing is more precious than the time we are spending to resource ourselves. Feeling the energy of the universe upon us, freeing ourselves of negativity and the chains that were holding us back.

Like the phoenix rising from our own ashes to move forward in our journey. Life is a journey of thousands of lives we have to go through until we are reaching our ultimate destination. We should not be deterred by the obstacles rising in front of us. Too often we feel like we are battling invisible forces, never feeling we are quite on the right path.

But listening to the whispers of our spirit, we can finally reach safely our holy ground. The journey that takes us there is what we call experience. We must learn to let go of the past in order to move forward.

Not being afraid of tomorrow but being in the present moment to create with the partnership of the universe. Nothing is ever permanent we can change our outer condition and focus on achieving our goals.

We do not have to feel we have to comply to a world of illusion but instead welcoming the ideas of creating our own future. Learning to co-create is the step that sets us free. Not feeling we are alone in our journey but feeling the support of the universe along the way.

Like a ballerina, we need to practice before we can take center stage. Our journey is made of outer conditions that are out of our control, what we create and the life lessons we have to learn.

Facing all of that can make us lose our ground but we do not have to feel overwhelmed we can just take one step at the time.