We are the Alchemist

Why should we settle down in a life that is not ours, when we can create our own happy ending? How often have you wished to have a different life, job or mate? How often have you felt the walls were closing in on you? How often have you felt your life was just passing you by?

When you decide to become an observer in your own life or integrate the world of the illusion, you are becoming like a doll waiting for someone to move you. If you feel your life is a succession of delusion, it is time for you to take a full inventory of where you are.

Based on your assessment you should start to think where you would like to go with your life. It is difficult to make a true assessment but if you are honest with yourself, you can actually start to shift the course of your path.

It is never too late to do that, I often have heard people saying, “It is too late, I’m too old”. It is, in fact, never too late to change to improve our lives. We can do it at any given time, changing the course of our life requires us to become proactive. We can move from our current situation to a new experience If we are willing to do the work.  But some people would rather dream then roll up their sleeves to accomplish the tasks ahead.

When we are working with the universe, we are opening the doors to infinite possibilities being guided along the way by perfect synchronicity we can successfully course correct our path.

Working with the universe helps us to move closer to our holy ground. Succeeding is to achieve our life lessons and finally walk on our holy ground. We do not need to wait for someone else to do it for us we are the alchemist in our story. We can overcome the obstacles facing us if we believe in ourselves.