Happy Life

It is great to step out of the world we are living in for a moment. Just slowing down the time by not being on the highway of madness that everyone seems to be traveling on. Instead, just turning off all of our electronic gadgets and just step into the world of nature.

Not being impacted by the madness of the illusional world but instead let everything else be. Taking the time to walk outside without any specific direction. Going to meet friends for lunch or dinner not worrying about anything at all.

Taking a moment to be in silence to listen to the world, to watch nature at its best. It is amazing when you are taking the time to do that. How busy nature is, from birds’ conversation to fish swimming in the lakes.

If we, for a moment, can forget our “crazy lives” but instead slowing down, we would be more appreciative of our loved ones. We would realize that we are not the center of the universe, but we are part of the universe.

Nothing is more important than connecting with the universe. As much as we can some days feel like we are in the rat race. We can be surprised that we are not in a hurry, everything can be done in due time.

We need to stop to impose deadlines on everything we are doing. When we are removing the pressure we are creating, we actually can breathe better, sleep better, being grounded and calm.

I have lived my life two hundred miles an hour and forgot to live! Now it is time to shift the balance and live a life in perfect harmony by making simple changes in my daily schedule. “Me Time” should be on the top of everyone’s list! Reconnecting with our loved ones should be the next one.  Foremost, being joyful and happy should be our ultimate goal.