Inspiring ourselves

We all want our happy ending, settling down in our lives with a mate. Living the dream every single day and in technicolor. Life is beautiful, living our boldest dream, feeling alive.

Seeing ourselves happy and joyful, but when we come back to our own reality, we are feeling the pressure of the world on our shoulders. Trying to match our dreams to our reality might be out of reach for some of us. Thinking, “it is just a dream nothing will ever happen to me”.

Well, it might, if you actually decide to walk into uncharted territory, following your passion, your dreams to guide you along the way. But also learning to partner with the universe. opening our spirit to finally reach our holy ground.

Often people would rather keep their dreams than actually live them. If we learn to not be afraid to live our dreams, we can accomplish miracles in our lives but also in the lives of our loved ones. Who is to say we cannot accomplish what we dream about? Who is to say we should not live our dreams but instead living a life that is not ours to start with?

Breaking the mold of the ego world and freeing ourselves of the chains we have created. Becoming who we are meant to be is our life purpose, our destiny. So instead of thinking and looking at what you would like to become, enjoy who you truly are as you are learning to elevate yourself. Why not start today?

Do not deprive yourself of becoming the beautiful person you are supposed to be. Being in the ego world is not what we are here for. Walking on our own path, becoming the better part of us is what inspires us to get up in the morning.