Moving in our journey

Our destiny is what we decide to become. When we decide to become an observer in our life, we are giving our powers away for the outer condition to dictate what will happened to us.

When we decide to not let our outer condition become our own destiny. We are calling the shots; with the help of the universe we can change the course of our life. It might take a year, a decade even five or six but we can do it.

We need to believe in ourselves first, letting the universe help us along the way. Changing our destiny is feasible. When there is a will there is the power to make it, all happen.

How do we do that? By dreaming then looking at how we can make it happened. Doing the first step might be frightening but when we are ready, we are becoming unstoppable. We are unsinkable ready to overcome what’s coming towards us.

We can go as a student of life, going messy at first then start to learn to stand on our own two feet before we start to walk. Being opened to listen to the universe can be challenging but when you have faith in the process you can overcome what is coming your way.

Our life lessons have to be learned; we cannot escape them at all. Even if you feel like you are taking some detours along your path. Those are teaching moments that will open your mind and spirit. Learning to connect with the universe. Become your spirit.

We all have to start somewhere, so why not do an inventory of your life and see what is best for you! It is never too late to change the course of your life. Just do it for the right reasons. Coming from your spirit will help you to reach your holy ground.