Feeling the love

Feeling the love of the universe in my heart would not have been possible without opening my heart. It has been a labor of pain to be able to open my spirit to discover my skill sets but also my life purpose.

A feeling of not belonging in this world was preeminent when I was younger. As I grew, I knew I had a long road ahead of me to reach my holy ground. I have truly felt I wasn’t part of anything. Instead only when I was connected with the universe, I felt whole.

I was finding time to remove myself from the world we are living, and to meditate and resource myself to the side of the universe. I wasn’t truly happy with the illusional world, always swinging like a rag doll in the wind. I wanted to be whole and grounded, not having anyone telling me what to do. But instead, I wanted to expand my wings to become who I truly am.

Not conforming to the ego world made me marginalized in many peoples’ eyes, when in fact, I was just showing my true colors. Never have I apologized for my choices, but I continued to push the boundaries as far as I could.

Nothing can predict who we are becoming. Only experiences in our journey will help us to shade the light to finally discover the better part of us. We do not have to wear masks to please others. Instead, becoming our true self is what our journey is all about.

We can materialize our dreams if we are bold enough to go to uncharted territory. Why not embrace who we are and become the beautiful spirit we are meant to become?

Too often we are looking at the ego world as the point of reference, instead of doing that, why not start to be our own trailblazer by defining who we are?