Living our lives

Navigating in the river that is our life, might make us feel that the calmer waters are far away. As we are learning to master our destiny, we can feel at times, we are sliding away from our path. But we have to learn our life lessons, this might look like we are taking some detours. As we are passing through the storms we are maturing and growing.

It Is not easy some days to get up and get going but if we are learning to co-create with the universe, we are able to light up our pace instead of feeling we have to fight everything on our own.

We are not alone in this world; the universe will help us if we open our spirit and let it in. When we do that, we are letting perfect synchronicity do its’ magic. Help will come along the way; situations will be reversed in a positive way.

Too often we are discounting the magical power the universe has. We can live our lives depending on the ego to guide us in the wrong direction or we can open our spirit. Our spirit is the bridge between us and the universe. When you understand that, you are tapping into the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer.

There is plenty of wealth for everyone, we do not have to feel like we are in competition with anyone or everyone, why not start to apply the law of attraction instead of letting our ego guide our lives?

When you apply the law of attraction you are becoming the beacon that will attract everything you need in your life. Learn to lean on the universe to bring you what you need and to support you along your journey.

Too often when we are in the ego world of illusion, we are losing track of our path, we are distracted by limited shiny objects everyone wants. Not realizing these are not for us at all.