Our own path

Being happy doesn’t require much, we can decide how to live our lives by changing the mantra that is playing in our head. Even though the outer condition might be less than ideal, we can still keep infusing new thoughts.

Those thoughts can start to influence our outer condition. You need to remember we are all energy based. Whatever we are thinking is being projected into the universe. The universe will send us back those energies.

Therefore, we need to watch our thoughts; we are the master painters in our lives. Whatever we think will materialize, we should not become an observer in our life.

The journey we are taking is our own path, we can stay on the side watching our lives unfold or we can actively become the driver on our own path. Regardless of the outer condition we are in we can course correct our path; it might require us to roll up our sleeves. We have a better chance to move to our life purpose path when we are in the driver’s seat.

Why not start to assess where we are and look at where we would like to go?
Too often we are thinking that dreaming is for children, in fact dreaming is the first step to co-create with the universe.

The second step is to go into uncharted territory, not knowing how everything will unfold but instead having to face the unknown, but with the knowledge that the universe will support us along our journey.

Uncertainty can be difficult at times to deal with but at the same time it is opening our spirit and helping us to reveal hidden skill sets. We are all beautiful spirits just waiting to uncover all of the complexity of our souls.

We cannot do it without the help of the universe and going into uncharted territory will help us shine the light on who we truly are.