Our true self

Giving ourselves a few moments so we can free ourselves from our stresses by participating in a dance, a walk or mediation so we can ground ourselves again. Life can take a toll on us, but we can keep going if we take the time to release tension and negativity. If we are learning to let our inner child be free.

Nothing is more important for us than grounding ourselves. We can become the better part of us when we are complete. We do not have to be perfect but at peace. We are all works in progress so why not change our attitude to be a student of life instead of our ego?

Life has so much more to teach us along the way. We are all humanity; we do not need to close our heart to avoid feelings. We are here to experience the good, bad and ugly. We need to open our spirit to connect with the universe.

Accepting and loving our spirit should be the first requirement in our lives. Too often the ego world wants us to become a copy of someone else. Not becoming the ego beauty standard does mean we are our true self. So why not accepting us first? By doing that we are opening our heart to accept our differences.

I can see through you; I can see the real you. Why not instead of hiding it show it? You are not meant to wear masks instead show us your beautiful spirit. It may be scary, but we do not have to seek someone else’s approval.

You are always going to be loved by the people who are seeing you. You do not have to pretend to become part of a group. Instead, walk tall on your path, you are going to meet incredible people that will cherish you for who you are.