The wonders of life

Looking into the eyes of the universe I can see how peaceful it is there. I would spend my days just gazing at the incredible colors and peaceful energy emanating. But the world is calling me back.

We are not done yet in our journey, being busy elevating myself to a place of knowingness. Not worrying about tomorrow but learning to be present in my life. It can be a task for a titan to ground ourselves but when we are finally reaching our holy ground nothing truly matters anymore. Only peace and love fill our hearts, we are erasing the bad days to leave room for joy.

Nothing can disturb us anymore; we are only seeking our own peace of mind. We are not at war with the ego world, instead we are peacefully walking on our holy ground.

Looking at the marvels the world is showing us, not thinking we are competing against each other but seeing the connection we have. Becoming human is a tricky situation when you are elevating yourself.  We want to disconnect completely from the world.

But we are here to experience, to learn to share our emotions, our dreams, our hopes. Not wanting to crush our spirit with hate but instead sharing the love we are capable of creating.

With a world that can turn us upside down we might need to take some time off for ourselves to recharge our energy. Centering ourselves to become the better part of us. It can be a daunting task that might look impossible to archive but when you are putting your mind into it, you can overcome all the obstacles that are standing in front of you.

Being discouraged at times is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign for us to step back to regroup and dig deep into our core to continue on our journey