Chasing stars

Never let fear take over the steering wheel of your life. It might be scary to fight your way through life but when you add fears into the equation you are rigging the game. Instead of making your life easier it is becoming harder to move forward.

I realized a long time ago to not let fear influence me. Instead, I infused my mind with positive thoughts. With conviction I repeated them, not letting the world of the ego take over it. It was at times the fight of the titans but when I was able to put my ego to sleep life was much easier, for sure.

Too often we are adding obstacles in our lives unknowingly. We need to listen to what song is playing in our mind. We are not perfect, but we can definitely overcome everything when we are changing our attitude.

Shifting our mind from I can’t, to I can, regardless of how it is going to unfold.  We just have to keep our eyes on our goals. Perfect synchronicity will help us along the way.

Having faith in us, the process and the universe will help us to overcome what we are facing. We are not what others want us to become. We are our own spirit; our vibrations are unique; we need to embrace that fact we are here to overcome our own life lessons and at the same time we walk on our own path.

We are not part of the world of the robots. We are our own spirit; our lives are ours. We do not need to give our powers away to feel validated. We are validating ourselves by being alive and walking on our own path.

Life has so much more to offer, it is a beautiful journey when you overcome everything and reach your holy ground. You can change the course of your life at any given time.