Not what it seems to be

Sometimes we do not see what people’s true intentions are. From an opportunity to be published to a job offer that looks like the dream job. We stay cautious when someone is ready to give you an offer of a lifetime.

At first it might sound like there are no strings attached, just coming from the heart. Then, after a time, something might come up that wasn’t expected. You are faced with two choices; one, you are going with it or you can step back look and think it over, and then stand your ground and say “no”.

It is always up to us to decide when we are at a fork in the road and what direction to take. I chose the one that is always lead by my spirit. If someone would offer me to be a speaker at a conference then later asks me to pay for something while making a point that if I did not want to comply, I would not be speaking. Then my answer would be no thank you and walk away.

Being honest upfront avoids any disappointments but also thinking you can con people by trying to get money or anything else from them, when in fact, you do not need it, is not what I would call being transparent. I definitely would not want these kinds of people around me.

Living an authentic life is being honest with your intentions from the beginning. I would rather have people surrounding me being honest and true than conniving. By acting this way, you are pushing away people because they will realize sooner or later your interest is not as pure, as they might think.

It is better to see who people are even if you feel disappointed by their dishonesty. Better to disassociate yourself from them, than being conned by them. We are living in a world that constantly reminds us that not everything is as it seems to be.