My own life

Feeling the love is what we should be experiencing but when you are born on the wrong side of the track it might only be a dream that makes you feel it is far away. We need to be determined in our life, in our dreams and in our quest.

Wishing is great but we need to name it but foremost claim it. How often have you wished for your happy ending only to meet the sorrow of the world? What kind of mantras are you listening to in your head? Too often our intention might be good but when it comes to the execution, we are falling short.

Have you ever wondered, why is Paul is always getting what he wants but I can’t? Starting to focus your ego on Paul instead of focusing on how can I archive what I wish for? If we are spending your time looking at others instead of attending to your own needs, we are not going to be able to archive anything.

Living in the bubble of wishes but never having the true test of accomplishing something for our highest good. Having lived a thousand lives, I have learned to reinvent myself. Feeling the world moving and shifting in the right direction.

It took me more than wishful thinking. It took me to finally step into the unknown and make it happen. We can stay back and watch the world turn or we can be part of our own journey. Living our lives to the fullest, learning from our failures and setbacks.

Understanding the true meaning of freedom, becoming the master of our own destiny. Becoming the master painter that will creates its own chef d’oeuvre. Not being worried about people or tomorrow but instead inspired by the infinite possibilities.

Life has so much more to offer. We are the co-creator why not become the driver in you?