I am at peace

I wish you were here to see me elevating myself. I can finally say I have reached my holy ground. The journey I took was full of detours and some dead ends. I can finally say my quest had a happy ending when I finally overcome my last obstacles.

It took everything I had in me to finally move forward. But the rewards were a long time coming, with no regrets I have moved on with my life. Being so happy to see the road I have taken was worth it in the end. It is not easy when you decide to focus on moving in your journey.

Not having a map to guide me I had no idea how it would all play out. The only thing I had was my belief and dreams that I would get there. How is it compare to what I thought it would be?   It is a thousand times better than I was expecting.

Nothing will ever be the same, but I have discovered the peace I was seeking. The world has opened doors to infinite possibilities. I am now navigating in the peaceful river; I am watching how beautiful the world is.

Feeling myself grounded, I can create a world that I always wanted. My outer conditions are not dictating who I am but instead I am dictating what my outer conditions will be. I am not depending on anyone, neither do I have the need to becoming co-dependent. I am so far from the burning light of the ego world. I am on a different planet.

I am floating down the river peacefully and happier than ever. The smile on my face is only the beginning of my transformation. I am one with the universe, nothing is the same, everything has shifted and transmuted for the best.

I am connected with the universe and I am happy