Our journey

Digging my toes into the sand, looking at the peaceful ocean, I am happy. I can feel the breeze in my hair. The sun on my skin reminds me how beautiful the world is. No one is around so I can focus my intentions on co-creating with the universe.

Feeling I am one with the universe, the energy in my body is alive. I can feel it in each and every cell. As I slowly move toward the water, I can feel the wet sand under my bare feet. I am just wishing you were here enjoying a moment of peace.

Nothing is more transcending then now. I do not have to worry about anything instead I let my imagination free. I am starting to co-create with the universe. Not worrying about how it will all come together but instead letting perfect synchronicity play its’ part.

We have, when we are co-creating, to let the universe play its’ part. If we are controlling every single aspect of it, we are not going to get the best results. Instead we need to learn and let go for the best outcome of our happy ending.

We might have to wait or take some detours to get where we need to be. I have taken some of them without understanding why I was going straight to a dead end, but it was a way for me to step back and take another avenue that was just opening.

Patience does play a bigger role as well. We have to be willing to be on the timing of the universe, not on our timing.   Being happy and joyful is what we should be on our journey. Not everyone will meet storms after storms to finally reach their holy ground.

Be appreciative of what you are facing because when you are overcoming storms it means you are moving on in your journey.