Living our lives

Dark necessity is what we need to move on in our lives. Nothing is ever given to us on a silver platter, sometimes we need to go and get it. From a job, to a home, we need to roll up our sleeves and be willing to do the work.

Wishing we could get everything will requires us to believe in ourselves first, then be willing to step into the unknown, somewhere that is not familiar to us. Taking a chance on us will bring us the rewards we always wanted and more. The satisfaction to live our dreams, live our passion to the fullest.

Learning to create a new experience, becoming the best part of us. Not willing to settle for less than who we truly are. Too often we shy away from our life purpose because we are being influenced by the people that surround us.

If we are taking the time to look at our own garden, we would see nothing is growing the way we would like. Instead, we might find a few people putting their nose into our business. Giving us the wrong advice that might lead us to stay where we are. Becoming closed to the world we once were eager to conquer.

Why not take a chance on us? Why not, instead of listening to others who may or may not have our best interest at heart, stop for a minute and see where we are and what is our heart’s desire? When we can find the peace to evaluate what would be next for us. We could surprise ourselves and become the beacon of our own destiny.

We should not shy away from our true destiny, our own happiness. But instead we should stand proud to be who we truly are. We do not have to justify to anyone why we are living our life purpose, we just have to do it.