Overcoming everything

Finding the time to go outside to breath the air, becoming one with nature. Letting the crazy world be for a moment, this is going back to basics. Nothing is more powerful than becoming the better part of us.

The world has so much ugliness we might lose faith in humanity. From human to animal trafficking. Human and animal cruelty that doesn’t even make any sense. We might want to lock ourselves and never go outside anymore.

A lot of efforts are made around the world to not only highlight but stand against those kinds of brutality. We are not part of a system that should allow suffering but we, in some cases, will close our eyes.

We are the essence of our spirit. If you are looking deep inside of yourself, your spirit will let you know that this is not what our world should be about. It would be helpful and responsible if we could contribute as little as fifty cents or even time to help to end abuses of people as well as animals.

If there is violence around you, you need to report it. No one should be living in fear of tomorrow. As a young child I was terrified of my parents. The punishments we received would be called child abuse today.

We did not have the help that is available today to report it. Neither to get out of where we were. It is the same for animals, the abuse should not happen. When we raise children and animals in such environments, we are only teaching them to behaved the same and are perpetuating the abuses. Although for many children this is the only thing they know, some children realize this is a terrible and an ugly way to live, and they do not want the cycle repeated so when they become adults and are out of their toxic environment, they can become caring and respectful of people and animals.

What should we do about animal abuse? Give the abused animals a chance to be handled by shelters and organizations that know how to care for and work with battered animals thereby giving the animal a chance for a better life. It may take sometimes for them to adapt and feel safe, but they deserve a chance so why not give them one? Another requirement is for the offenders to pay very high penalties such as fines and imprisonment. Make it a law where an abuser can never adopt or have an animal in their possession. Again, animals have no voices, we are their voices and we need to be heard. How about Wild game hunting when an animal is being hunted down for the pleasure of someone who thinks this is fun!!! Disseminated an entire family! Those are the most appalling form of barbary that is still being allowed in the name of money! How about having this hunter dropped in the middle of the savannah with just a bottle of water? I think this should level the field to see who will be the kind at the end of the day? How about the poachers who are driven by the underground demand of baby cub or animals’ parts for the myths that will make you more virile?

How about humans who have been abused and will be at risk to repeat that pattern? We need to help them into counseling and help them to turn themselves around. We had none of this when we were growing up it was extremely rough for us, but I refused to close my heart. Not everyone can do that so why not, instead of dumping them into a foster system without help, give them a chance and support them along the way? Same goes for sex trafficking victims who have most of the time no voice and are treated as guilty of the crime they were forced into it instead of being seen as a victim! When they have never asked to become part of it in the first place. Laws should be stiffer for any kind of abuses to humans with higher jail time. This is a billion-dollar underground traffic that is happening every single day! We need countries to dismantle those networks so this should not continue to be happening. Selling your cousins, brother, neighbors to make a buck should be reprehensible and punishable by law!

If everyone could do their part this kind of human and animal abuses should be eradicated! Humans and animals are not commodities, neither should they be treated as expandable when you do not want to have them anymore or they are too old to be taking care or are in need of medical attention!