Having a moment of fun

Seeing myself opening my arms like a ballerina. Slowly moving my feet to the beat of the music, counting one, two, three. Moving gracefully to the space in between. I am losing it to the sound of the music.

Letting my spirit take over as I am moving like a butterfly. Feeling the breeze in my hair, nothing is more freeing than abandoning our cares and letting ourselves be. Forgetting the world that surrounds us. For these wonderful moments in time we are free of everything except utter joy and peace.

Those times are precious for us to recharge our energies. We do not have to be the best dancer we just have to move. We can be running or walking in nature to be able to recharge ourselves. We need to keep our energies moving not become stale.

Too often we do not realize we need to infuse ourselves with the healing energies the universe has to offer. We can spend time at a spa for a few hours or maybe enjoying friends’ company for a good laugh.

Anything that can take our minds out of our daily world. Instead, for a few hours let ourselves become relaxed. Not worried about tomorrow but instead enjoying being in the present moment.

Our life can become “ultra-life” when we finally let our spirit free. Not walking on the overcrowded path of the ego world but more sur les Chemins de traverses. Becoming the kid again, seeing life with the eyes of our inner child.

We need to take the time to play and relax again. Why not do something with your mate or children today? We need to stay connect instead of creating a space that will never close if we are not reaching out to each other.

Living our lives for a moment, not in the fast lane but learning to go back to basics!