My stand in my journey

I am my own hurricane; I will move mountains to archive my life purpose. I will protect my spirit, my inner child along my journey. I will stumble along my path; I will crawl when I cannot stand up anymore.

I will exhaust myself to the breaking point. I will push myself beyond my limits. I will not give up who I am for you. I will be hurting and taking swings at the ego world pushing it back so no one can hurt me.

I will create a wall between the harsh world and my heart. I will open my spirit to elevate myself to my higher ground. I will not let negativity drive my life; I will let my laughter become my weapon to break those invisible barriers.

I will let my spirit speak so the world can hear what the universe has to say. I will not rest until I have become the better part of me. I will let go of the hatred and injustice I had to go through to becoming who I am today. I will not declare victory over others but learn to humble myself every single day so my ego will not take over my path.

I will stay grounded so the world cannot corrupt me with the illusional need to become popular. I will remind myself every single day where I came from. I will not let anyone distract me from my mission.

I will speak for the humans and animals who do not have a voice. I will not let anyone rain on my parade. I will not allow others to dictate my life, but instead I am going to inspire others to live their lives to the fullest.

I will bring sunshine and love into the world. I refuse to step down from my believes but will give room for others to learn from it. I will not overshadow the success of others but instead push them to reach their goals.

I am my own warrior; I am love and breathe peace.