Learning to be ourselves

Stepping out into the sun, I am feeling irradiating with love. I have been walking solo but with a heart full of love. I have been chasing my dreams, feeling whole in every step that moved me forward.

I have finally reached the ultimate destination, closing my eyes on my next step. What would become of my life without the support of the universe? Life has so much more to offer when we are in perfect synchronicity with the universe.

Life has been much more interesting lately, feeling wonders of the world upon me. I have created the magic that surrounds me. I am not lost anymore; I am listening to the universe’s whispers.

My path is being revealed as I am walking down my path. When you are shifting from storms to peaceful surroundings you have to become accustomed to it, no more survival mode. It is nice to finally settle into a life of peace.

We can all archive our holy ground when we understand the ego world is not our ultimate destination. Opening ourselves is opening our spirit. Life has so much more to offer when we are willing to walk into the unknown.

We do not have to do it alone; the universe is always by our side. We might feel we have been abandoned to our outer condition. But, in fact, we have not, we need to open our eyes and believe in ourselves.

We can feel like we are giving birth to our own self when we are going through the storms of our lives, but we are just shading what is not necessary for us.  We need to release our self-doubts and feel reborn with new energy and perspective.

Not feeling ashamed of who we truly are but embracing, instead, every single inch of our being.  Become the light you are supposed to be today!