Floating down the river

Floating into the river that is my life, I am now at peace. Slowing moving along my journey, I am elated by the peace that surrounds me. Nothing has been the same since I have reached my holy ground.

Only joy and peace have filled my heart and now my heart is overflowing with it. I am further down the river of my life ready to embrace the next accomplishment. We can feel our life may be full of storms but when we have learned our life lessons, we can walk freely to the better part of our journey.

The universe always prevails when we ask for help. Learning to co-create has been the key along my journey.   Without the support of the universe I would not have been able to accomplished half of what I have done.

Why not start to ask for help? It doesn’t require you to do anything special just have a conversation with the universe today!

The universe cannot help us unless we ask for it. We have our own free will, we can create the experience we want. But to archive that we need to attend to our own garden. What we have planted will have to be harvested. Do you know what is your own garden? Have you spent too much time minding someone else’s business instead?

It is time for you to take care of your own and mind your own business. Nothing will ever change or grow if you are not doing the work which you need to do to pull yourself out of the situation you are in.

What would it take for you to do that? How often have you wished your life was different? How often are you feeling you are lacking something? If you are not doing the work how do you think your situation will change? Are you hoping for a miracle? If so, you need to be made aware of you the following; you are your own miracle only you can do that work.